Evergreen Fine Art Print


Evergreen Fine Art Print

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This piece was initially 16”x20”, alive with earthy greens, cool blues, and surprising pops of warmth.

This print is part of my “Canopies” series, released in 2019, about the clarity upon returning to baseline after embarking into the unknown. Nearly all of the pieces depict an upward view of the oaks and magnolias that grace the southern landscape, inviting the viewer into the piece and encouraging a sense of wonder and joy.

(Please note the image has been blurred slightly for the internet display and copyright. Your print will be crisp and beautiful!)

All prints are in standard sizes unless marked with an asterisk*. Standard sizes will fit easily into ready made frames, while unstandard sizes will need a specialty frame (or select “stretch canvas” and avoid the framing altogether!). Some print sizes may be cropped slightly to fit into standard sizes (but it will be subtle).

Giclee prints are a form of art reproduction commonly used today for high quality fine art prints. When taken care of (not placed in direct sunlight or in especially humid environments), they can last up to 200 years.

Canvas OR paper print. Select your preference!

Paper is a wonderful choice if you plan to frame it and are working within a tighter budget. The paper is luxuriously thick and looks beautiful. Canvas prints will give you more of the texture on which it was painted. Rolled canvas should be framed (and does not need to be under glass/plexiglass, unlike paper). Stretched canvas can stand alone on your wall. It is a little more expensive to create, but it looks beautiful and often saves you time and money in the long run since it does not need to be framed (but can be!) I will make the edges of stretched canvas black unless requested otherwise.


Paper will be the selected size, and there will be a 1/8” white inner border to help with matting, if desired.


All prints are giclee canvas print with matte finish on rolled or stretched canvas. Stretched canvas can be 3/4” or 1.5” deep and the edges will be black. If you desire the image to continue through on the sides, just let me know when you order!

Frames are not currently being sold in this shop, but rolled canvases can easily be framed by any ready made or custom made frames. You can frame stretched canvas as well, but you don’t have to.

**** All prints are made to order and will be ready to ship in 7-14 business days***

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