We Need Art.

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I truly believe human beings were created to love art (in any form... visual, music, theatre, dance, you name it), and even to NEED it. Sure, it is not as urgent as air, food, water, shelter, etc, but I can certainly feel it when my life has been void of creativity and culture. Perhaps that is why I am an artist, but I do believe there is a deep element to our lives that would be missing without it, no matter ones vocation. It is my goal of this blog to share with you my inspiration and hopefully in turn, hear a little about yours as well.

I have had the incredible opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling in my 20's, mostly thanks to the Navy, but also quite a bit on my own. (...and I am eternally grateful to the Navy for the steady paycheck that enabled the latter). I experienced a moment at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece which solidified my theory of a need for art in humanity. At this point in our Europe trip, my husband and I were about 21 days in and had grown quite museum-weary (I am sure anyone who has had the opportunity to take a Europe trip can understand), but walking around the gorgeous interiors, looking at countless artifacts,  I couldn't help but notice a trend. This museum showcases millennia of artifacts over the course of many civilizations, and after a while it is basically the same items serving the same purposes, made from different materials as the ages progressed: Over and over again, utensils, jewelry, spears, plates, and interesting designs on pottery. Food, war, and... art.


Even in those early societies when day to day living was much less convenient than it is now, humans were creating, bringing beauty to society. It was an epiphany for me. We need the obvious food/shelter/water basics, we need productivity. We need to labor with our hands and we certainly need love. But we also need beauty, expression, and interpretation of our world in artistic terms. We were even doing it 15,000 years ago as hunter gatherers!

Some of the first known artistic works of man. Lascaux Cave Paintings, approximately 15,000 years old. (www.wikipedia.org)

Some of the first known artistic works of man. Lascaux Cave Paintings, approximately 15,000 years old. (www.wikipedia.org)

Thank you for stopping by, and please comment below if you have ever experienced something similar to my day in Athens. 


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