Are you looking for a gift they will cherish forever?

(or for yourself! I won’t tell ;))


They change so fast…

Are you thinking about the perfect treasure to give a loved one during the holidays? I love a good gift that makes the entire room laugh, but to give a loved one something they will treasure forever can be a bit more of a challenge.

I am in a life season where I get to witness my own babies grow by the week. In efforts to appreciate the places they are in, I often find myself painting them. It occurred to me that others may love this as well, so I am trying something new for the holiday season.

From now until October 7 (or earlier, if all of my spots fill), I will be accepting a very limited number of children portrait commissions. You loved the ones I did for my own children, so I want to do them for yours!


  • They come in two sizes: 5”x7” (one child) and 9”x12” (two-three children).

  • 5”x7”: $175 (one child) (additional $45 to frame, standard. Upgrade to 3” thick: +$25)

  • 9”x12”: $225 (one child), $275 (two children), $315 (three children)

  • Optional Framing: $45-$115 each, depending on size and type (I’ll send you more options during the consultation phase)

If you are ordering more than one, I am happy to offer a 10% discount on your overall total!

The palette will be the same as the example portraits above. I will paint with a very limited palette, and the result is a lovely canvas of subtle color notes which draw the viewer in and add an element of depth and beauty that feels so intimate. (In case you are wondering, this particular selection of colors is a time honored curation established by one of the my favorite portrait painters in art history, Anders Zorn. The Zorn Palette is incredibly beautiful and diverse despite only using four tubes of paint!).

Here’s a gorgeous color chart I borrowed from  to get a feel for the range of available options in this palette. They are beautiful, aren’t they?

Here’s a gorgeous color chart I borrowed from to get a feel for the range of available options in this palette. They are beautiful, aren’t they?

The photo will come from YOU! You get to choose at least three of your favorite photos to send me within these guidelines:

  • Candid shot: The best painting will not be of your children smiling at the camera, instead they will be doing what children do: Playing, exploring, discovering.

  • Strong light and shadow: Avoid direct sun in their face. Completely backlit, half/half, etc is excellent. An easy way to do this is to go outside, or turn off the lights and have them play by a window. (Do not use a flash).

  • I know this sounds crazy, but what makes a great photograph doesn’t necessarily make a great painting. A lot of modern lifestyle photographers keep shadows very light in their photos (it’s beautiful!) but those same shadows are what make for interesting paintings. I’m drawn to paint the amazing color and form that occur where strong light and shadow meet. Feel free to send those, but also send me the ones you took as well.

  • Please note: If you wish for me to paint more than one child in one painting, they need to all be included in the same photo. If it takes multiple attempts to get the best combination of gesture, that’s totally fine, but I can’t combine completely separate photos to make a scene. I’ve tried, it just doesn’t work for this process!

  • I will choose the strongest from what you send to select the best image for a painting. Backgrounds will be loose- I will take elements from the photo and rearrange them to create a painting that is cohesive and flows beautifully.

How it works:

Until October 7, the doors will be open for commissions of portraits of your favorite littles.

- Order by clicking the button below to send me your requests

- I will respond within 2 business days with a proposal and small contract, requesting a non refundable 30% down payment to secure your spot

- All photos will be due to me by October 14. If you do not submit the photos by then, I reserve the right to cancel your project.

- After I receive the images, I will commence painting. When complete, I will send you a photo and am happy to make minor changes, but please keep in mind that these are impressionistic paintings, intended to capture the essence of the person. I will strive for overall likeness, gesture and key features, but tiny details won’t show in this sized canvas.

- The painting will need to dry for approximately 4 weeks before I send, which I will do in early December to ensure they arrive well in time for Christmas! If you ordered framing, it will arrive framed and ready to hang.

I can’t wait to capture your precious children!!



Frequently Asked Questions

What if my children are grown? That’s ok! I’d prefer to keep these portaits to only kids, however, it doesn’t need to be a new photo. (In fact, 35mm film can make gorgeous images!) If you do have photos that fit the requirements listed above of your grown children, I’m happy to take a look as well!

Can you paint my pet? I’m not currently accepting pet portraits, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love your furbaby! Sending lots of belly scratches and kisses your way.

What if I can’t send my photos in time? Your deposit is non refundable, and I reserve the right to cancel your commission. You may apply your deposit to another item in my online store!

What if I have lots of kids? First, you are amazing. But that’s not why you are asking… When it comes to the painting, lets combine ideas! We can do two 9”x12” of two each, or 4 5”x7” of one each. I offer 10% off more than one painting to help offset that additional cost!

What medium do you use? These are painted in oil. I use high quality pigments (mostly by Gamblin), and practice techniques that ensure “forever” paintings. They will arrive varnished and ready to hang (if framed). The four+ week wait is to allow for the paint to dry before sending.

Will you do these again? Right now, I’m keeping the window open only until October 7. It’s possible I will do them again, and if you’d like to stay in the know, sign up for my email list!

How many are you accepting? I am keeping it to a very limited number and when I reach my limit, I will close applications. I want to be able to devote my all to the orders I receive!