I've always been drawn to bodies of water that connect one place to another. Almost every major city can claim attachment to a navigable waterway, and that is not an accident. Bodies of water enabled efficient trade, so establishing a city around a port just made sense. That is the genesis of nearly every major metropolis in the world, and I think it's worth celebrating. Inspired by the St. Johns River, these abstracts are calm, organic, and flowing. Just like the real thing.  They are made with acrylic paint and a "secret sauce" of mediums (just kidding, I'll tell you if you want to know) on wrapped canvas.

Commissions and originals are available. 


INTERIOR DESIGNERS I have a vision for these. I want to fill a space with these canvasses that tell the story of a local, beloved waterway. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate!

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Styling in home setting by Katie Williams